YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick (Star Clash edition)

Hi there, makeup lovers!

I splurged on a luxury lipstick the other day at Sephora, and wanted to tell you guys a little bit about it 🙂

Introducing, the Yves St Laurent Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in 70 Le Nu!



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I mean, as per usual, the packaging completely got me.  It’s beautiful.  The gold, the sparkles and the stars embossed on the actual lipstick.  I can’t. I love it.
This packaging is limited edition and only out for the Holidays.  However, you can still find these lipsticks in the regular packaging.  Just no sparkles and no stars.
I chose the nude shade 70 Le Nu, because the other shades were a bit too pink or red for my liking. When I splurge on such an expensive product, I like to stay on the safe side.

Here is a little swatch on my super pale arm 😉

So, to be perfectly honest, the shade was not to my liking, even though I stayed on the safe side.  On me, it looked more like a warm pinky shade that almost looked a bit orange-ish on my lips… For that reason, I might not keep it…

In regards to the formula, no complaints there, whatsoever! It is a sheer finish. It feels very hydrating, is super comfortable to wear, and it has a pretty decent staying power for a sheer lipstick. It feels like I’m applying some sort of expensive treatment on my lips 🙂
As an added bonus, the lipstick smells like Heaven!  Like a mix of bubble bath and expensive perfume!

Overall, I would recommend this lipstick for the gorgeous limited edition packaging, especially if you are a makeup collector 😛
I do like the formula, even if I usually look for more opaque lipsticks. I feel like I am applying an expensive lipstick on my lips. Unfortunately, I wish they came out with more shades, as this particular selection did not work out too well for me.

If you are interested in checking it out, click here!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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